Break The Code And Create A Profitable Web Site

Have you been on or recently?   When you landed on the site, what was the first thing you thought?  Most likely, it was something like:  “Terrific, now that I’m here, lets get to what I need.” 

Now, think for a moment about a site you may have visited that was less effective.  It might have looked like all the other cheesy sites out there, or just seemed to be done on the cheap.  I suspect that what came to mind when you saw that web site wasn’t “what can you sell me?”, but rather “is this a real company?”

The key to an effective website on the Internet lies in trust. This is particularly critical for authors or speakers whose products and services are, for all intents and purposes, themselves.   If a caller to your site doubts your integrity, most likely they will exit your site and will never return.  I would like to point out a few of the essential ingredients to forging that belief and developing an effective web site.

First and foremost your web site must clearly identify you as a real person.  Visitors to your web site must know from the first moment they arrive how you stand out from all the others out there.  You can achieve this goal in a number of ways.  You should make sure your text is well written and speaks to your visitor, and you can get unusual graphics to enhance that message.  Just never lose site of what you want your visitors to know about you from your site. 

Secondly, your visitors must see immediately that you have a proven track record in your industry, just by viewing your web site.  Effective copy writing and testimonials are two great ways to make this happen.  Don’t hide your victories deep in your website, make sure they are well displayed on every page for your site visitors to view. 

Lastly, you must convey through your web site that you can resolve your customer’s troubles.  Most visitors are so busy that they would be happy to stop looking for a solution to their problems and accept the one that you offer.  Your effective, believable website is your advertisement to make that happen.

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